Ninja Obstacle training at BSMA is a program where your child will learn to build strength, speed, endurance and agility through a series of challenging physical obstacles. This program places an emphasis on respect for self and others. We encourage hard work and a commitment to practice as part of weekly lessons.

Parkour is the sport of moving quickly through an area, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, flipping, swinging and climbing. This program at BSMA will teach your child that movement can be an art form and through practice and strategy the possibilities are endless.

This is a 3 hour program that will combine both our ninja obstacle training and parkour practices.  Our students will learn how to set goals and develop a sense of achievement.  Individual skill development and team games make this an exciting fun experience.

Our certified staff will help you in your quest for skill mastery. This is a great opportunity to work on our apparatus and work at your own pace. This is not a time to work on new skill exploration unless instructed by your coach.